Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Bike!

Cameron's troop advanced yesterday in their softball tournament, so this morning we went to support them and watch them play. Alegria was enthralled... the fence!

Our little monkey!

Wearing her hat backwards...because apparently, it's the "cool" way to wear it.

I just love how she's discovered pockets! It's so cute to see her with her hands in them!

What profession calls for a lot of climbing? It seems that's all Alegria wants to do! She may not be a fast runner, even though she's been walking since she was 10 months old...but boy, does she like to climb!!!

The sweet, quiet moments of Daddy walking with his daugher's hand in his...

After we left the game, we went to Lowes to look for lumber. Here's Alegria not only with her hand in her pocket, but also with a piece of gum in her mouth. She usually just licks a stick of gum once or twice or sometimes takes a tiny bite, but then she's done with it. Oh keeps her entertained and quiet for a few minutes anyway! :)

Next we headed over to Toys R Us to look for a tricycle for Alegria. Recently, when we go on walks with her, all she wants to do is climb in and out of her stroller, so I figured she's old enough that a tricycle might be a better way to go on walks with her. I wanted to find one with an adult push handle, too, since I'll be extremely pregnant in a few months and there's no way I'm bending over to push her on a tricycle until she learns how to pedal herself!

Anyway. When we were at Toys R Us, both Alegria and I were in heaven! What an awesome place with so many neat toys! I recall going into a Toys R Us only once in my life when I was a child, and now that I have a child of my own, I just want to buy her everything in there! What a great place!

We first went to where all of the bicycles were, but all we saw there were big kid bikes and motorized children's vehicles. Alegria would have loved owning one of these!

Finally Cameron went to ask a store associate where we could find tricycles. We found a pretty pink one with an adult push handle and then we headed home...with an extremely tired child on our hands!

While Alegria napped, Cameron went straight to putting her new "bike" together (we're calling it her bike bcause that's the sign she's learned from her Baby Signing Time videos). :)

When Alegria woke up to find her bike all assembled and ready to ride, it was like Christmas all over again! I just love to see her beautiful, smiling face!!!

Alegria really liked the bell!

And she quickly figured out how to push herself along!

Alegria's feet don't reach the pedals really well just yet, but that's ok! She loves her new bike anyway!

Later on in the evening, we played outside and Alegria helped Daddy water the trees:

What a great day!!!

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