Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today was Mother's Day. :) Cameron called to wish me a wonderful day...and it sure was! Alegria is my little ray of sunshine and I got to watch her follow in my footsteps...a little tribute to me as a mother...what a great gift! Hopefully she'll pick up on my other good habits, too, and never my bad ones!

Here Alegria is primping, just like she sees me do!

(As a side note, I usually don't sit outside in the hall during Church...I'm usually busy in the Primary room with all of the children, and Alegria is usually in Nursery with the under-3-year-old crowd...but she'd had a dirty diaper and been brought to me...stroller and doll in tow...and which she never let go of! So I made an exception and we just roamed the halls since it was our first Sunday in an unfamiliar Church building (for Alegria) full of unfamiliar people (for Alegria)...except for Grandma and Grandpa, of course!)

Here she is, taking the doll for a walk in the little stroller, just like I take her on walks in her stroller!

It's so amazing how she picks up on the littlest things I do! What a cutie!

Well, this, I don't do...I could never fit in Alegria's stroller! But I guess she wore herself out...and that, I can relate to! If only I could trade her roles during our walks and have her push me sometimes! :)

Back at home, we had a wonderful Mother's Day dinner that Grandpa and Uncle Kellen prepared. Then we napped and woke up a couple of hours later and relaxed while Grandma and Grandpa went to teach their Addiction Recovery class.

Finally, Alegria went to bed...and now it's my turn!

Good night and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all Mothers both current and future out there!!! :)

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