Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing and Working

We went to story time again today. Alegria enjoyed pretending to eat the fake food toys:

And she was very possessive of the little doll she found! It never left her side!

Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen and enjoyed a Blizzard with Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, Alegria had to inspect the gravel and dirt in the parking lot (don't worry...the area she and Grandpa were in was pretty empty)!

Back home and right before her nap, Alegria had fun playing with two little sheep she found in her room:

Upon waking, the sheep were still sleeping, so she took them outside with her, wrapped in a blanket so they could keep dozing while she enjoyed the view of the real sheep on the other side of the fence:

Once her sheep woke up, she handed them over to me so that she could play on the fence:

Then it was off to work at hauling rocks!

Who says you can't play or work in a skirt?! :)

Good night!

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