Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun, Fun, and More Fun!

Almost ready for Church!

We usually don't leave Church early, but since the Carrolls had come all the way from Great Falls to play with Alegria, we made an exception and left after sacrament meeting. Here we are getting ready to ride home:

Once home and before the kids got into playclothes, we got a cute picture of them on Grandma and Grandpa's swing:

Now in clothes they could get dirty in, the kids went to the playset to play. Cadee had fun pushing Alegria on the swing:

Alegria rather enjoyed getting pushed on the swing, too! :)

And when she decided she wanted to get down...

Cadee did a great job helping her down:

And back up for another round after sliding for a little bit:

Cute girly cousins!

Looking for Callie:

Could she be under the deck?


Then we all went to the barn to catch sheep and pet them!

What other fun things to do does Grandpa have in store?

But of course!

Passing the time, awaiting their turn at shooting the rifle:

Finally, it was Alegria's turn to try her hand at shooting!

Back inside, drying off by the fire:

It sure was a fun day again! Alegria really loves her cousins and playing with it was sad to see them go back home in the evening. Alegria can't wait to see them again in August, though!!!

On another note, today Cameron left for NTC (I apologize...I don't actually know what NTC stands for, so I can't expand on what the letters mean!). NTC is pretty much a month-long training session to prepare the soldiers for their upcoming deployment. It's at Fort Irwin in California. Because Cameron didn't want to leave Felix (his truck) on post, he asked my sister, Abilehi, to drive him that morning. He had to be there by about 3 in the morning, so they left really early! Yes...this whole time he'd still been at our home in Texas all by himself while Alegria and I were in Montana. It's a difficult thing in the Army, to plan things ahead of time, because as they say, "The only constant is change." And boy, is that true! The dates for NTC hadn't been set in stone and as much as we'd hoped to get that information ahead of time, we had to just make a guess and buy my plane tickets to Montana when we found them the cheapest...and then it turned out that the dates we chose were a whole week before Cameron would be leaving! We'd wanted to leave within a day or two of each other to spend as much time together as possible before our separation, but such was not the case. Oh well!

Anyway. Cameron got there safe and sound...though as they were driving to Fort Irwin from the airport after they landed, he texted me that "Central Texas sucks!" because he was gazing at the California geography with its mountains...and Central Texas is just so flat!

Well...that's about it for today.

Have a wonderful night!!!

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