Saturday, May 22, 2010

Snow in May?!

If you're in Montana, that'SNOW surprise!

Here Grandma is getting Alegria into Uncle Kellen's snow suit from when he was her age! How cute!

Unfortunately, Alegria did NOT like the snowflakes falling on her face! She loved the snow...just from a safe distance where it couldn't touch her!

It didn't stop her from enjoying the playset, though.

And neither did the huge boots she was wearing! It was difficult for her to walk in them since they're a few sizes too big, but she made do. It was funny because this whole time she can never get away or run outside fast enough from me...but with the snow and the boots both working against her, she actually kept a firm grip on my hand as we walked in the snow all around Grandma and Grandpa's place!

When the snow let up a little bit, she decided to take the stroller on a little walk in the driveway...the driveway was much easier to walk in than the snow-covered ground!

But then the snow began falling more heavily again...

...and she discovered that it mixed with the ground and made mud! And THAT, she liked! :)

I let her enjoy the mud a tiny bit and then we both headed inside to the warmth of a fire in the family room.

Now it's off to bed!

G'night! :)

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