Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun with Friends

It's always fun to go to gives Alegria a whole new world of toys to play with! She loves it! Today we were at Amanda, Lacey, and Mollie's place:

I tried teaching Alegria to play on this spin toy, but it was tougher that I thought it would be for her to play with it:

So she moved on to other things!

And even had fun trying on Lee's shoes!

Then she wanted to dress little Mollie:

Quinn gets weighed:

Then Quinn gets stuck!

Now that's he's crawling around everywhere, he sometimes finds himself in quite the predicament!

When we finally decided it was time to head home, Alegria was beyond exhausted...and I was glad, too...because that meant we both had a good nap!

As always, we had fun with our friends on Thursday! :)

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