Friday, May 7, 2010

Hook 'Em Horns!

There was a Troop picnic today at BLORA. On our drive there, we got to see some of the guys' vehicles:

When we got there, Alegria was happy to see her friend Quinn and to have a cookie with him:

There was also a bounce house. I thought Alegria would be too little to enjoy it, but I was completely wrong!

In fact, we had a tough time getting her out and then we had to hear her scream as we pulled her out and away to leave.

As we were leaving, we encountered a small traffic jam...due to cattle crossing the road!

We drove and drove and drove some more until we finally reached a place where Kerri had told me that there was a huge field full of bluebonnets...apparently, we missed the blooming because we found hardly any bluebonnets! Sadly, Alegria will not be having a beautiful picture taken amongst bluebonnets this year. :( The field was still beautiful and serene, though, so we took pictures anyway.

Can you see how few bluebonnets there are left? Boy, I wish we'd come out sooner to take pictures!!!

Alegria did NOT like the tall grass and plants scratching her legs!

How sad! :( She even tattled on the grass!

As we were making our way back to the car, Alegria DID find an old tree she liked:

And of course...anything she can climb on or hang from is always a hit!

Maybe next year we'll come out earlier in the season and see this area full of bluebonnets and be able to take some nice Texas bluebonnet pictures!

Back home, we decided to continue with our photo shoot and got a few pictures of Alegria in a Longhorns cheerleading outfit that a friend at Church gave her:

As always, Alegria always gives Big Bear a turn!

Hook 'em Horns!!! :)


  1. She is a cute little cheerlader!

  2. Of course my niece is always beautiful, but she'd be so much cuter in maroon!! ;) :P hehehe....GIG 'EM, AGS!! WHOOP! :P


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