Thursday, March 3, 2011

6-Month Checkup & Baby Shower

I don't know what gave Alegria the idea this morning...but each of her animals was given a personal view of each of the pictures that are on her dresser!!!  She was so careful to place one animal in front of each picture!

Odette chillin' on Alegria's bed:

Once we'd all had breakfast and were dressed and ready to go, we went on our way to Killeen, to Odette's clinic for her 6-month checkup.  When we were finally called in and were waiting for the doctor, Alegria, of course, could not help but play on the equipment!

Odette has no clue that she's about to get shots!

Alegria was getting upset at Odette for pulling on the paper:

The doctor came in, read Odette's information (16 pounds, 9 ounces and 25 inches tall), and let me know that Odette is 22nd percentile for height and 67th percentile for weight.  Way to GROW, Odette!  :)

Waiting for the shots:
Oh, what she doesn't know...!

Odette cried when she got her shots, naturally.  But once the nurse was gone, I nursed Odette and she felt better after that.  Then Cameron called and we talked for a short while.

Finally, we were ready to go.

We then went on post to Amanda's house for playgroup...which was a special Baby Shower edition for Allie today!

We got there as everyone was having lunch.

After eating, we played a few games.  Tasha and Caitlyn tied in the game where we had to make as many girl names as possible using the letters in Allie's and Frank's names:
The whole group (except for Odette, who'd been sleeping since we got there, due to the drugs I'd given her for the pain of the shots, Alegria, who was playing somewhere, and J.D., who was not there today):
Allie opening up the present from us, a pink stuffed hippo (which Alegria and Lee BOTH wanted), and a Precious Moments (super soft!) blanket and beanie:

Tasha's gift was packaged in a Go Lean Crunch box and we teased her, saying she was trying to give Allie a subliminal message!  Haha!
Lee had fun pretending the tissue paper was a hat!
Finally we went home after spending a fun time with all of our playgroup friends!

Later on, we all played in the living room with some toys:
Alegria was pretending to talk to Grandma on the phone!

As I was getting Odette ready for bed, I just couldn't help taking pictures of her in just her diaper!  She's so chubby, I just LOVE kissing her over and over again!  So I just had to take pictures of her!!!  In this first one, her head looks really big!  Haha!
The flower is so big, now it offsets her head size!  Lol!

Once the girls were in bed, I started the task of making a baby shower cake for Erica's baby shower on Saturday.  Tonight I will bake the cakes.  Tomorrow I will stack and decorate!

I'm off to the kitchen! 

Good night y'all!  :)

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