Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sippy Cup Success!

I had bought Odette a sippy cup last week to let her try because she has been interested in drinking out of my water bottle and can sip from its straw...so I got her a sippy with a straw and also a regular sippy cup as well.  She could drink out of the one with a straw, but she didn't really want to...so Alegria claimed it as her own!  So I tried having her drink out of the other sippy cup, but she wasn't that interested...until today!  Today she did an awesome job with the sippy cup and was even holding it herself to drink out of it!

After we'd all had breakfast, we went grocery shopping.  Odette again did really well in the cart, this time for most of our time at the grocery store!

Alegria made herself comfortable in the back!

Once home, I made us some sandwiches for lunch...and Alegria ate most of hers!  Up to now I've struggled to get her to eat any kind of meat and she actually ate the turkey in her sandwich, so that made me happy!

Maybe it was the fact that I'd cut the sandwiches into heart shapes...?  Who knew that shaping a sandwich would made it so fun to eat?!  I must admit, though, I shaped mine, too, and it seemed to taste a little more yummy that way!  Haha!  ;)

After lunch, the girls took naps and Cameron and I chatted online.  :)

When the girls got up, we played in Alegria's room for a little while.  As we were in there, Alegria decided to read her Brown Bear book to Big Bear and did an excellent job!  Then she read some other books to Big Bear, too!  She would tell Big Bear, "See?" and mention things in the book...it was so cute!  :)

Odette chillin' on Alegria's bed:

We went to the living room and played there for a while.  Odette had some tummy time...

...and would do a "superman" move, but not move...

...and was therefore frustrated and upset:

Alegria tried tying her animals to a string that I have a ball for Odette tied to onto her car seat...and Alegria got upset because she couldn't get her animals tied on there well enough...so I had to help her.

Odette did NOT want to continue with tummy time!

Once Odette was in bed for the night, I taped Alegria's yellow ducks from story time to her wall above her table in her room.  I'm thinking of getting a corkboard roll and cutting it into an elephant shape and putting it up in her room so that we can display her artwork on...but then I think of having to use thumbtacks to do that and I know Alegria would probably take them off and do who knows what with them...so then I put that idea out of my head...at least for now, even though it would be super cute!!!

Now Alegria's also in bed and I'm off to bake the cake so that tomorrow I can decorate it so it'll be ready for Thursday!!!

Good night!!!  :)

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