Sunday, March 20, 2011

Matching Aprons Are Fun!

Our day went well today.

I got up early and got ready and when the girls woke up, they played in Alegria's room while I put my makeup on.

One ready for Church...two to go!

Then I got the girls ready...first Alegria, and then we went to Odette's room and got her ready for church, too. 

Church went well...and we were only 2 minutes late!  We're getting better!  :)

After Church, we came home, I put the girls down for their naps, and Cameron and I chatted online for a good, long while!  FUN!!!  :)

After chatting with Cameron, I was trying to blog, but Miss Odette woke up and she wouldn't go back to sleep. So I brought her in the office with me to try to blog with her on my lap, but that didn't work, either, so I gave up.

We played in Odette's room for a little while...Alegria even joined us when she woke up from her nap and played in there with us, too:

But then Odette got bored and upset. I took a picture of her mad face:

Although a very sweet and happy baby, I DO have to deal with Odette screaming sometimes...not often because like I said, she's a pretty good baby...but sometimes.  :)

So I took her away from her entertainment gym and we played with something else and that made her happy...sort of.  Lol!  :)

Then we went to the kitchen and Alegria and I had a late lunch.

Abilehi and Ryan came over later on in the evening and they made yummy low-fat chili dogs for us for dinner. It was delicious! For dessert, Alegria and I made chocolate no-bake cookies wearing our cute matching aprons that I bought at Ross around Valentine's Day.  Since my kitchen decor is red, they work any time of year!  :)

Alegria did a wonderful job helping me out with the dessert! However, she did PLOP the stick of butter and splashed some milk on the wall behind the counter, lol! The dangers of cooking with a 2-year old! And then when I was already stirring the mixture, Alegria decided to add even more rolled oats to cute! She would take her chair from one side of the counter, pour rolled oats from one of the measuring spoons into the measuring cup, then push her chair back to the stove and pour the oats in!

While we ate, Alegria played (she didn't want the chili dogs...only the hot dog bun, so she was done eating a lot sooner than we were!):

After dinner, I took Odette's weekly picture:

Then I got her ready for bed and nursed her and put her to bed. She was asleep pretty fast, but when I went to lay her down, she woke up. I thought she'd fall asleep on her own and so I thought nothing of it...

Well, then Abilehi and Ryan left and a short while later, Odette started crying. I tried to let her cry it out as I got Alegria ready for bed, but in the end, Odette was still crying, so I let Alegria watch some Tom and Jerry while I nursed Odette again. This time she stayed asleep when I put her down.

Alegria and I were in her bed a little after 9. She played around a little bit after having watched the elephant videos and listened to Daddy's songs and listened to me singing "Baby Mine" to her. She was asleep pretty quick after that, but I dozed off as I was waiting til 9:30 "to be sure" and ended up not feeling my phone vibrate when the alarm went off at 9:30 and stayed there til about 12:30!!! Good thing I fed Isis and the fish and got ready for bed before putting Alegria to bed!!!

Now  I'm done with my blog entry for tonight, so I'm finally headed off to bed.

Good night y'all!!!  :)

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