Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frozen Buttercream Transfer

I had been asked to make the cake to celebrate the Relief Society's birthday at our activity it was only natural to want to include the Relief Society emblem/seal on the cake!  I researched how to do it online and I found instructions on how to make a Frozen Buttercream Transfer (FBCT).  It was easy!

First, I found a picture of the seal and flipped it horizontally, then printed it like that..."backwards."  Then I taped it onto parchment paper (wax paper also works), then I taped another piece of parchment paper over it.  I mixed the colors I wanted and began to trace over the picture with my frosting.  I started with the largest part of the seal, the "RS" in the middle:

Next I worked on the details that would be showing on the front of the emblem...the words and the leaves and torch: 

Once the words were done (I forgot to get a picture of them done!), I frosted over them in the background color:

Next I worked on the rays of light:

And voila, it was done!  After the frosting stiffened a little, I placed a piece of parchment paper over that and smoothed it over to get the frosting into all of the grooves.  Then I placed a layer of blue frosting over the whole thing...and stuck it in the freezer!

By the way, I was working on that FBCT in the wee hours of the morning, as well as on making modeling chocolate, which I also found a recipe for online!

When Alegria and Odette woke up, I got them dressed and we played in Odette's room.  As soon as Alegria saw Odette playing with the sorter blocks, she immediately took them away to play with them herself (even though she'd originally been playing with some other toys already!)... least she gave her a replacement toy...the ring stacker:

Thankfully, Odette doesn't really care what she plays least not yet!

Alegria was content now, stacking the blocks:

And then she got bored and played under Odette's crib for a little while:

Then she read some books:

Odette was having a fun time with the rings:

As you can see...Odette's eyes did not stay blue.  They are now a light brown, though in certain light, they still can look a little gray...but boy, they're still beautiful, as is she!!!  :)

Pudgy hands and cute!!!

Later on, after the girls had had their naps, we colored and played some more:

Then it was bath time...and Odette, big girl that she is, started bathing on the "big girl" side of the baby tub!  Way to go, Odette!  You're sitting up so well now that we were able to switch you from reclining to sitting in your tub!

All bathed and lotioned up and ready for bed!

LOVE those chubby cheeks!!!

When Odette was finally in bed, it was Alegria's turn for a bath.  Then afterwards, I was so tired, I decided I'd just let her lotion herself up...even though I knew she wouldn't do the best of jobs!  And I tried to doze!

Alegria doesn't quite rub all of the lotion I had to help her in the end!  She'll get it one day soon, though, I'm sure!

Once lotioned up, it was time to brush teeth and brush hair...and no matter how well I brush Alegria's hair, she always feels the need to do it over again!

Good job, Alegria!!!  Good job!!!

Now that the girls are in bed, it's time for me to go work on the cake some more...there's still lots to do!

Good night all!!!

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