Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Odette Will Never Turn 6 Months Old...

...at least not "officially!"  Since Odette's birth day was August 29th, she would have turned 6 months on February 29th...but since there WAS no February 29th this year, today, March 1st, is when she's hittng her half-year mark!  Half a year...WOW!!!  Where has time gone?!

No...Odette's not crawling yet...not even close to scooting, either...she just happened to be having some tummy time and I got a few pictures of her playing with her rattle ball:

Sitting and playing:

By the time bed time rolled around, the top half of Odette's shirt was soaked!  She's been drooling a lot recently.  In fact, at one point today, Alegria looked at Odette and told me, "Baby spit up!"  She had this look of disgust on her face, too!  Then she brought me Odette's burp cloth for me to wipe Odette up!  Haha!

Once Odette was in bed, Alegria and I hung out.  Alegria laced my sneakers together and tried hanging them in various places...
...before trying them on herself!

What a beautiful child!  :)


Right before bed, I heard Alegria saying, "Ow!  Ow!  Ow!"  When I came to see what was hurting her, I found her pulling her own hair!

Silly child!!!

Now that Alegria's in bed and I've got my chores and working out done, I'm off to bed.

Sleep well everyone!!!

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