Saturday, March 19, 2011

Temple Trip

Today we went to San Antonio to the Temple.

The drive there wasn't too bad.  Because I haven't been sleeping much at night, though, and I KNEW I couldn't stay awake at the wheel, I asked if we could go in Abilehi or Ryan's car so that I could sleep in the back with the girls on the way there (The funny thing is, I didn't sleep at all!  I was too busy talking with Abilehi and Ryan!).  I had packed up plenty of toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, and changes of clothes, too.  Odette thought it was a little too crowded for comfort, though...

It was great to finally go to the Temple again. I think the last time I went to a session was with Cameron when I was 7 months pregnant with Odette. I went again to the Temple when Abilehi got married, but I didn't do a session that day, so it had been a while.

Going to the Temple gives me such a feeling of peace!  I think of Cameron and our girls and thank my Heavenly Father for the wonderful life that I have!  He truly is great for having blessed me with so much!

That said, even though I'm at peace at the Temple, I'm still ever the mother and thinking about my children...and every time I go to the Temple, I always remember that I need to buy a watch.  I can't take my cell phone in with me, so I never know if we start on time or not and what time we usually end.  Today, towards the end of the session, I asked a sister next to me what time it was and we had definitely been in there longer than usual.  I was getting concerned about Odette and whether she was still doing well or not...

When I finally got out to my parents and the girls, Odette was doing fine. Mami said she'd fallen asleep for a few minutes, but that she'd gotten woken up when Almalia opened the car door where my mom was dozing with her and yelled to my mom that Alegria had pooped...which my mom says she hadn't, but that had woken Odette up (Alegria must have just tooted!). So I got her and nursed her and she dozed a little, but then Cameron called and she woke up again.  Thankfully, the small doze she took was enough to keep her in a good mood.  :)

We had our traditional "after the Temple" lunch at Whataburger:

And then we left.  Both girls were exhausted and fell asleep in the car:

By the time we got home, Odette was tired of being in the car seat. I'm sure Alegria was, too, but she didn't let on as loudly as Odette did! Lol!

As we were unloading the car, Alegria saw her bike and wanted to ride it, so Ryan pushed her while she rode.

There had been a spill in the back seat, so I cleaned that up while Alegria rode her bike and Abilehi carried Odette. It was finally a beautiful day after the gray morning it had been!

After a while, we came inside.  I showed Abilehi cake pan sizes for her to choose what cake size she wants a cake to be that I'm making for a co-worker's birthday for her, and then I let Odette play with the pans:

Abilehi and Ryan then left to go get some groceries for tomorrow's dinner that they're making for us tomorrow night and then came back and we ordered a movie on DirecTV. We watched "The Switch." It was an ok movie. It didn't make me cry and it didn't make me laugh too much...just a few "aww!"s here and there.  :)

Since Alegria had slept the WHOLE way home, she was up and wired all night.

Playing tea party with Aunt Abilehi:

After Abilehi and Ryan left at about midnight, we brushed Alegria's teeth and got into her bed and she was asleep by about 12:30.

Now I'm done and about to go to bed myself.

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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