Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March

Our day on the Ides of March went well.

We played in Odette's room this morning.

Then we had breakfast and played in the living room.

Cameron called and then both girls napped.

I worked out while the girls napped, but Odette woke up before I could shower...and so when she woke up, we went to check on Alegria and Alegria was awake, so I told her I was going to be in the shower if she wanted to come, too.

I turned the TV on, put Odette in her rocker, then showered. Alegria showed up a few minutes later and screamed at the top of her lungs when she entered the room! It was probably because I had Tom and Jerry on and she loves that show and every time it comes on, she screams with delight!

I finished getting ready, then fed Alegria and got the diaper bags ready. I also had to change Odette's outfit again because she pooped and got her first outfit dirty. I'm having to change Odette's clothes a lot recently...must be because I'm introducing solids into her diet! Oh well...!

We left the house at about 6:11 and went to Amanda's place. I dropped Alegria off and then Odette and I left to go to our monthly Sabre Officers' Wives Coffee.

The coffee was at a lady's house in Cove near Cove Fitness. I got there without any problem. As soon as we got there, I went to the back of the car and nursed Odette. I was going to do it before dropping Alegria off, but Amanda was going to go to the YMCA to take a Zumba class and asked if I could make sure to have Alegria there no later than 6:15, so it didn't give me time to.

Anyway. As I was finishing up, Kerri and Lauren were showing up. When I came out of the car, Kerri asked if I knew the neighborhood and I told her we'd actually looked at houses there first when we were looking in the area. She said our neighborhood is much nicer. It IS newer...!  :)

The coffee was nice. The hostess had veggie trays for people to munch on and we decorated cupcakes and chatted. Odette did pretty well...except she was sleepy, so at times she would kind of make whiny noises, so I'd just have to shift her position, distract her, kiss her, play with her a little, and then she'd be fine for a while longer. I also let her try a couple of candy sprinkles that we decorated the cupcakes with. She seemed to like those! Haha! :) I also gave her some water from her sippy cup to entertain her as well.

Close to 8, Odette and I left. Mostly everyone was still there, but I knew Odette was too sleepy to continue being good much longer, and that was fine by me to leave then, anyway. I had had fun talking to the ladies, so we left.

When we got to Amanda's, they were just getting back.

We got home and I gave Alegria the cupcake I had made for her, turned the TV on for her, and then got Odette ready for bed and nursed her. After a short while nursing her, Odette didn't want to nurse and just kept arching her back...so I tried just rocking her and then I realized...she just wants to be in her bed! So I laid her down and sure enough, she went right to sleep! :)

Then I was so tired that I just sat and watched the rest of Tom and Jerry with Alegria. Then we got her ready for bed and watched "Daddy movie." Finally, we went to Alegria's room and I dozed while she played.

Finally at about 1:30, Odette woke up and I went to nurse her. Alegria had fallen asleep, but she woke up when I got up, so I told her I needed to go nurse Odette and to just go back to sleep...which she did.

Now I'm here. I can't believe that I only took two pictures throughout the whole day today!!!

That's ok, though...it gives me the opportunity to finally post our family pictures that we took shortly before Cameron left.  I hadn't posted them before because they were on our family Christmas cards and I didn't want our families to see them!  But here they are now!  We got them enlarged and framed and put some up in our bedroom, some up in Alegria's room, and some up in the living room hallway.

Well, that's it for today!!! 

Have a great night everyone!!!

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