Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Best Things in Life

This morning at breakfast, I gave Odette some toast.  She sort of liked it and made a big mess of it as she sucked on it!

Meanwhile, Alegria ate all of her bagel with cream cheese...YUM!!!

Once the girls were fed and had dry diapers on, we went on our big excursion for the shopping!  Since Odette is now a big girl at 6 months old and growing, I decided to see how well she'd do sitting in the shopping cart instead of in the Bjorn carrier.  She did pretty well!

However, when it started getting close to nap time, Odette began to get fussy, so I transferred her into her Bjorn, where she took a nap as I finished the shopping.

Cameron called while we were at the store and we were able to talk to him for a little bit!  Yay!!!  :)

Once home, it was nap time for both girls.

When they woke up, I had Odette try the new sippy cup that we'd bought for her today.  She wasn't too keen on it...but Alegria was and snatched it away!  She wanted me to give Odette my water bottle instead so that she could keep Odette's sippy cup:

Alegria shows Odette how to drink out of a sippy cup...although it seems Alegria may need some reminding on how to drink out of one with a straw!!!  Hahaha!

After dinner, we moved over to the living room where I folded some laundry as Odette played while sitting on the couch.  I wasn't done folding laundry yet, but Alegria decided that she needed the laundry basket to sit in, so she dumped all of the clothes out and claimed the basket as her own private chair, fit only for the "cool!"

Once Odette was bathed and in bed, then it was Alegria's turn for a bath.  As we were getting her dressed, she decided to don her new sunglasses again!  She's so cute!!!

Well...I'm glad she loves them!!!  :)

Yup...she also wore them while reading in her dimly-lit room...

Alegria: "What?  You've never seen a girl wear sunglasses before?"

...and she even wore them to bed!!!

After we listened to "Daddy song" three times on my phone and after I sang the "Elphy song" three times, we just laid in bed...I had told Alegria good night, given her a kiss, told her that Daddy, Mommy, and Odette love her and to go to sleep...

I was dozing in and out of sleep, from time to time waking up to tell Alegria to go to sleep...and then as I was half-asleep at one point, I heard a small, sweet, melodious voice singing...(it's all black because only the night light was on, so you couldn't see anything):

The best things in life are free and I just got a front row viewing of our angelic little Alegria singing a whole song all by herself!  Why that particular song?  Probably because we bought Lee's birthday present today for his birthday party on Saturday.  But it's not a song that we've sung all that often, so I was surprised that this would be the song she would remember and choose to sing!


Sweet dreams, everyone!  :)

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