Friday, March 11, 2011

Lazy Day!

I was in such need of a lazy day!  For the first time EVER, we all stayed in our pajamas all day long!  It was, more than anything, nice for me not to have to think about matching outfits with bows and shoes and socks!  Hahaha!

Odette started making a new sound today:

Abilehi came over at about 9:30.  We had breakfast and chilled.

At 10:30, Sister Reed came for her monthly visiting teaching visit...always an awesome time!

After she left, we just hung out.

Alegria pretending to be "stuck:"

Odette hanging out with Aunt Abilehi:

Getting ready for a tea party!

Building a make-shift "fort:"

Odette: "What happened to my waitress?  I need more tea!"

And that was pretty much all we did.  Now that the girls are in's my turn.

Good night!  :)

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