Sunday, March 6, 2011

Born to Like Makeup!

What is it with little girls and makeup?  Seriously...she had a more colorful toy right in front of her, but she preferred to take my makeup brush and eyelash curler!

And then when I placed them back in my makeup bag and placed it out of her reach (or so I thought), she stretched her body further than I'd ever seen her do...grabbed it, and dumped out all of the contents!  So she doesn't want to start scooting and crawling...but THAT she'll go out of her way for!  Haha!

A girl after my own heart!  :)

I was very proud of myself today.  We made it to church with a few minutes to spare!  Can we keep it up?  We'll see!  :)

After church, we came home.  I got the girls down for naps and then I got online to have my chat date with Cameron...YAY!!!

After the girls woke up from their naps, it was a quiet Sunday.  I took out Odette's clothes bins so that I can make the switch...she's starting to wear 6-9 month clothing, so I've got to put her smaller clothes away now!  My, time flies!!!  :)

Alegria decided to play with her the middle of the hallway...while wearing the cute fireman's hat from Lee's party yesterday:

Then she tried getting Odette to wear the hat:

And she tried putting the fireman's badge on her, too:

Odette thought it was a cookie:

Abilehi and Ryan came over to hang out.

I took Odette's weekly pictures...

Our happy 27-week old baby!!!

Alegria tried on Odette's sweats...

...and got "stuck" on the saddle strap!

Then, since Alegria still didn't look sleepy and was asking to watch Signing Time but we were still watching a show, I brought out the portable dvd player for her to watch her dvd.  She was so cute and brought out one of her chairs to sit on while she watched!  (I was thinking she'd just place it on her lap on the couch while she watched...but she had a different idea!)

Abilehi and Ryan finally had to leave and after I closed the door behind them, I turned around to find this:

As long as she's not chewing on the walls, I don't care if she licks them!!!  Hahaha!!!  Silly child!!!  Actually, I've started giving her children's chewable vitamins and also having her drink Pediasure.  I don't know if it has to do with the fact that now she's getting supplemental vitamins added to her diet with the vitamins and Pediasure...or the fact that last week Cameron told her on the phone not to chew on the walls...but in any case, ever since Cameron told her not to chew on the walls, she hasn't!  Coincidence?  Or obedience?  We may never know!  But I'm a happy momma with the results!  :)

Well, that's about it for today...

Good night!!!  :)

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