Saturday, March 12, 2011

So Nice Outside!

Odette woke up at 6:30 this morning.  It didn't look like she was going to go back to sleep, so I dressed her and then came to the office, emailed Cameron, and started doing some online training for cub scouts.  Being in the Stake Primary Presidency, we're also unit commissioners for the cub scouts and need to go through some training.


At 7:30, we went to check on Alegria...and she was already awake.  So I got her dressed as well and then the girls played on Alegria's bed while I took a couple of pictures:

Finally we came out to the living room and played some more:

It was a little chilly in the house but I didn't want to turn the heat on, so I brought out a thick blanket to lay under.  Alegria and Odette sat on my stomach as I laid on the couch and we all watched some TV like that:

Since Odette had woken up earlier, she was tired earlier, too, and my efforts to keep her awake until at least noon did not work.  So I went to nurse Odette.  While I was nursing her, Cameron called and he and I chatted for a bit.  Odette was so tired, though, she fell asleep through all of the chit-chat!!!

I laid Odette down in her crib at about 11:30, then came out and Alegria got to talk to Daddy.  :)

Then I stepped outside to see if it was chilly out there, but it was actually nice and warm, so I told Alegria to put her shoes on so that we could go outside to play.  After she had her shoes on, she asked, "Coat on?  Me?"  It was so cute!  It's been so long that I always have to put a coat on the girls to go outside that she's used to it now!  But I told her that no, she didn't need it..and we went outside to play.  It was so nice out!  :)

While we were outside, we played fetch with Isis.  Isis enjoyed running around...for a little while.  We wore her out, though!  When I finally thought to take a video of Isis fetching and Alegria throwing her toy for her to fetch, Isis wouldn't budge anymore!

So instead, Alegria and I kicked a soccer ball around:

Then we came in and had some lunch, watched some TV, and then Alegria went down for a nap a little before 2.

Odette woke up a little after 2. She and I just cuddled and played until it was time to get Alegria at 3. Alegria had a difficult time waking up, but I was able to get her up a little earlier than yesterday.

We played some more the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We had dinner and then Odette had a bath.

These little PJs Odette's wearing are kind of weird. I don't remember who gave them to us (her). I don't remember if the person gave them to Alegria and Alegria just never got to wear them, or if they were given to Odette. In any case, the zipper is in the back! It's a super cute little jumper...but to me it looks like a set of pajamas, though I don't know if that's what they are or if they're an actual outfit! Little girl outfits should say on the tag whether they're sleepwear or not!!!

Anyway. Odette was in bed by 7:30.

Then Alegria had her bath. She tried bathing herself, but she doesn't quite get it yet, so I bathed her and kept telling her how. Eventually she'll get it, I'm sure.

After her bath, we got her dressed (I let her lotion herself), and then we cleaned up her toys.

Once in her room, Alegria did not want to go to sleep...but at about 10:30, Odette woke up and was crying and so I went to nurse her...and Alegria was asleep by then...I just don't know when that happened that she fell asleep!

Now both girls are sleeping and I'm sleepy, too...

And that's about it for today.

Good night all!!!  :)

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