Friday, March 4, 2011

Not Much Happening...

There was nothing much to report on today.  It was a low-key day, just hanging out with our two little girls.  Once Odette was down for her nap, I had a chat date with Cameron, so off to the computer I went.  It wasn't Alegria's turn for a nap yet, so she hung out with me in the office for a bit.  As I was chatting with Cameron, I was showing Alegria his pictures on his Facebook album...and she, as always, was so excited to see Daddy!

Then she entertained herself by playing on her rocking horse and propelling herself forward with an oar!  Ingenious!  I should have gotten a video of that! 

Finally, it was time for Alegria's nap, so while both girls were sleeping and once I was done chatting with Cameron, I went to the kitchen and frosted the baked cakes so that tonight I could decorate them.

When the girls woke up, we played in the living room:

Alegria has always loved playing in the laundry basket...but she no longer waits until I'm done folding the landry!  She dumps it all out so that she can play in it...and then she thinks up the most interesting things to play with it!  Today the laundry basket was her personal movie theater!

It couldn't have been the best view, but it was different, and Alegria sure wasn't complaining watching TV through the laundry basket holes!

Before putting Odette to bed, I got a quick picture of her supported at the corner of her crib...what a cutie!

Now I'm off to work on the baby shower cake again...wish me luck!!!  :)

Good night!!!

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