Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was extremely exhausted this morning (late workout, nursing Odette in the middle of the night, and Alegria needing some soothing in the middle of the night, too), so I was not wanting to go grocery shopping.  So I put it off and we didn't go in the morning like we usually do.

The girls and I just relaxed and played all morning (I dozed when I could!).  Then they went down for their naps.

Cameron and I chatted online while the girls were napping.  That gave me the boost of energy I needed for the rest of the day!  :)

While we chatted, Odette woke up and I brought her into the office with me.  She was content just looking out the window:

When Cameron and I were done chatting, the girls and I played a little and then I showered, got us ready to go, and then we went to Walmart.

Once home, since we'd gone to the store in the evening, it was already time for Odette to go to bed, so I got her ready and thought she looked so cute in her pajamas, I just had to get a few more pictures of her!

Then I nursed her and she was asleep pretty fast.

I came out to the kitchen and "made" dinner. Lol! I bought chicken nuggets today to see if Alegria would eat them. She ate about 2.5 nuggets, so that's better than she'd done before when she didn't want to eat them at all. She also ate her carrots, so that's good, too.

Alegria "helped" me clean out the fish bowl after dinner.

Then she and I played a while.

Here's Alegria donning her Fireman's hat from Lee's party:

I fed Isis, too. And I cleaned up in the kitchen.

Alegria wanting help stacking her animals:

While I was cleaning in the kitchen, Alegria moved into the living room to play with her animals:

Only she knows what goes on in her mind!!!  :)

Everything was going fine until Alegria got frustrated when she was trying to stack her animals again and screamed and woke Odette up! That made me so angry!

At that point, I had had it!  Instead of letting her keep playing, I made her go to bed right then and there.  I didn't sing to her or anything, either, to put her to bed. I just brushed her teeth, gave her a kiss, told her goodnight, and left her room. I hate not cuddling with her at night before she goes to bed, but I had Odette screaming her head off in the other room and I was so tired!!! Odette's only 6 months old and Alegria didn't sleep through the night until she was 11 months...does that mean I have another 5 months of no sleep? I surely don't know, but Alegria interrupting the little sleep Odette was having really made me upset. I HAVE to sleep tonight, especially if we're going to go on post tomorrow for playgroup. I don't want to be so sleepy on the way home that I fall asleep at the wheel... :(


Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...happy thoughts...!!!

Tomorrow is the 17th...which is only three days away from the 20th...which is only a month away from seeing Cameron again!  :)

I know that my sleep affects my mood, so I will be going to bed now to be better rested and in a better mood in the morning.

Good night y'all!!!

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