Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloody Lip

Our day was relaxing and fun. :)

This morning we played in Alegria's room for a while.

Then we had breakfast. After breakfast, I turned the TV on for Alegria so that she could watch Tom and Jerry and I went to our bedroom to run. Odette played nicely on the floor for a little while.

Then Odette took a nap and Alegria and I had lunch, after which I came and chatted with Cameron online...woo-hoo!!!

After chatting with Cameron, I tried to blog, but the girls wouldn't let me, so we went to the living room and played. At about 4, we went outside to play.

Only a few minutes after going outside, Alegria was pushing herself on her tummy on one of the swings and fell off and bit her lip. She was bleeding a bit and kept spitting the blood out.

We came inside, cleaned her up, I saw it more closely and confirmed that it was, indeed, only her lip, we put ice on it, and then we went back outside.

Odette at first hadn't liked the swing, but she ended up really liking it by the time we'd been out there a while.

However, Alegria also likes it, so Odette let Alegria have a turn, too.

We stayed outside for about an hour and had tons of fun!

And then we came in for some dinner. Because Odette hadn't napped long today, she was starting to get fussy...and someone else was having a hard time staying awake at dinner, too!

I turned on some cartoons to try to get Alegria interested and awake, but that wasn't working, so I thought of asking her if she wanted to take a bath with Odette...and that woke her up!

I was at first going to put the baby tub in there and also fill the big tub for Alegria (even though I knew it would be crowded), but then I remembered that the other day, Alegria had crammed herself in the pink tub and so I figured Odette would fit...and sure enough, she fit just perfectly, so then I didn't have to keep my hands on her the whole time and she was pretty safe and I didn't have to worry about her slipping while I bathed both of the girls! That cut down on the time I had to be bathing both of the girls! And that was nice! First I washed Alegria up and then I washed Odette.

Then I got Odette out and lotioned her and dressed her on the bathroom floor so that I could still be in there with Alegria. When Odette was all done, even with her hair brushed and her gums brushed, I got Alegria out and we went to her room, where I put Odette on Alegria's bed and then got Alegria ready for bed. I like this new method of bathing the girls! So much faster AND after Odette's in bed, it gives me time to actually cuddle with Alegria! :)

Alegria was more awake by then and was now hungry enough to eat her chicken nuggets, so I left her at the dinner table with Tom and Jerry on and nursed Odette and put her to bed.

Then Alegria and I watched some TV and cuddled. Then I fed Isis and Doralee, sprayed bug spray at the front entrance, the garage door, and the garage entrance, and then I cleaned up in the kitchen.  In the meantime, Alegria found a new and unusual place to hang her tiger from!

And she fed her animals a cupcake!

Surprisingly, even though Alegria was obviously tired, she complained when I told her it was time to go to bed at about 8:35. I finally convinced her to come brush her teeth. Then we watched her Daddy movie and then went to her room. She wanted to watch the elephant videos, so I let her watch them once. Then we listened to Daddy's songs and then I sang to her. She was still moving all over the place! At 9, I told her I was leaving, that I had stuff to do, but she asked me to lay back down on the pillow, so I said I would, but that she had to, too. And she did...and by 9:15, she was finally asleep. I stayed in there til 9:30, just in case, and then came out.

I've blogged now and I'm going to go work out again, then prep everything for tomorrow's trip to the Temple, and then head to bed.

I hope that I can continue to get the girls to bed early so that I can have more time at night to do the things I need to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the night continues far Odette cried already, but I let her be and it seems she went back to's hoping for a restful night!!!

Good night!!!  :)

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