Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Babies!!!

This morning we went to the library for story time and had a great time, as usual, especially since Daddy called while we were there!

After the library, we came home and Odette was in such a good mood and looked so cute, I decided to get a few pictures with her:

Next we had some lunch. While Alegria finished eating, I nursed Odette. Odette was down for a nap at 1. Then I came out to get Alegria, cleaned her up, and she was in bed by 1:05...though I could still hear her at about 1:12!  She was quiet after that, though, so I was sure she was asleep.  :)

I ran for an hour on my elliptical while the girls napped.

Then I went to wake Alegria up. She didn't want to wake up...but she was in a much better mood when I started tickling her and talking to her to wake her up...smiling and laughing along with me...! It was a nice change!

Finally, she completely "woke" up, but she didn't want to go outside like I wanted us to...she wanted to sit on the potty. So we went to the bathroom and she sat and we read her potty book a few times and she got stickers. Then Odette woke up.

We got Odette and then I nursed her and then I tried folding laundry while the girls played...I didn't get much done. Oh well!

Then I dozed a little on the floor next to Odette after playing with her for a little bit.

At dinner, Odette did really well with her carrots! She kept opening her mouth for more, so that was exciting! She ate most of them, too! Alegria, on the other hand, only had a couple of bites of her chicken nuggets and then drank her Pediasure and that was it.

Finally, it was bathtime. The girls had fun taking a bath, as usual! Odette kept leaning over to reach other toys and I had to keep an eye on her that she didn't tip herself and the pink tub over!

Baby piggy toes!

I had fun during their bath, too, putting the first letter of their names on their bellies...they're Super Babies!!! :)

Then the girls enjoyed brushing their teeth and gums, too!  :)

Waiting for Mommy to finish getting Alegria all lotioned up and in her pajamas:

I miscalculated how long it would take me to bathe the girls. I should have started at 6 to be done by 7 so that I could have Odette in bed by 7:30. But she was in bed by 8...which wasn't too bad, I guess!

We got into bed with Alegria by about 8:45, I think it was, but she ended up not falling asleep until about 10. It's better than 11:30 or midnight...but it's still a little late...and this time she really only slept about an hour at naptime, so I don't know how to remedy that...but for now I'll take it.  :)

After I left Alegria's room, I fed Isis and Doralee and then emptied all of the trash cans and took the big garbage can out to the curb.

Then I came to upload pictures and decided to finally send a few emails out that I needed to.

Now I've emailed Cameron his daily email, blogged, and I'm ready to go do a second workout.

G'night!!!  :)

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