Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafty Counting Queen!

The theme at story time today was ducks.  I helped Alegria make a duck...but she loves crafts so much (glue more than anything!), she decided to make another one...without my help this time!  To her credit, she's obviously smart enough to know that ducks have two eyes...

Odette loves story time, too!

Ready for the "Goodbye Song" with her favorite instrument...the purple maracas!
Abilehi always does a great job at story time!

Back home, the girls took naps.

After naps, we played and then before dinner, I gave Odette her first taste of apples:

While I fed Odette, Alegria found another interesting place to hang her animals from!

As I was getting Odette cleaned up, Alegria had placed her animals neatly in a row.  So I asked her how many she had...and then I practiced counting with her.  She repeated the numbers in order really well.  She also would point to the first, second, and third animal...and then say as she pointed to the next three "four, five, five!"  We did this quite a few times.

Shortly after, Alegria was playing with the measuring spoons I had given Odette to play with...and I asked her to count them for me:

So what if it was backwards!  I was impressed!  What a smart child!  :)

After dinner, the girls had baths.  Odette was in bed at a decent hour...Alegria was not.  I may need to eliminate her afternoon nap or wake her up earlier in the morning for her to go to bed at her actual bedtime...or both!  I just don't think I'm ready for either one of those options yet!  So I think I'll stick it out being a night owl for a little longer and getting my stuff done late at night after she's in bed!!!

Anyway.  The day is done.

Good night, all!  :)

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