Monday, March 14, 2011

Waking Up Is So Hard To Do!!!

Today was a fun, relaxing day. :)
When the girls woke up, we played in Odette's room for a good, long while. At first Odette just played really nicely in her crib with some blocks I put in there for her. It's amazing how she's able to manipulate her hands better each day and can hold more than one block at a time!

Alegria colored.

Then she went into the crib with Odette and marvelled at the pretty butterflies while Odette watched on.

Then Odette got bored, so I brought her out, dressed her, and she played with some different toys for a while. I have to make sure to put Odette sitting against something. She can sit well, but if ever she gets too excited, kicks her legs, and falls backwards, that makes her extremely unhappy! :) I got a picture of her cute little feet, too!

Once the girls were down for their naps, I chatted online with Cameron.  At about 2:45, Odette woke up and I brought her into the office with me.  Luckily, I was able to keep her entertained by letting her play with the keypad on the printer, which was off, of course!  That gave me some freedom to keep chatting with Cameron...YAY!  :)

After we ended our conversation, Odette and I went to wake Alegria up...Alegria did NOT want to be disturbed!!! Hahaha!!!

I sat Odette down on the bed and she almost immediately fell over...I guess the bed wasn't flat enough for her to sit well long enough!  Haha!

Alegria keeping her eyes closed shut while I take a picture with the flash on:

Finally, I played a video on my phone and as soon as she heard it, that woke her up! On Saturday, Abilehi and Ryan went to the circus and sent Alegria a video of the elephants and she loved it. And she apparently now knows how to turn a video on on my phone and kept turning it on...and even turned it on and put her plastic elephant to it so that her elephant could watch, too! I would have gotten a video, but when she placed the phone on the floor for her elephant to watch it, she then grabbed the camera and was watching the video of me trying to wake her up!

We stayed in Alegria's room for a little while, and then finally came out to the living room, where I played a Veggie Tales video for Alegria that Abilehi had borrowed from the library for me. It's about selfishness and teaching children how NOT to be selfish. Alegria liked it and we watched it twice and I hope she understands the concept!

We had dinner and then I fed Odette carrots, which she seemed to like! She kind of gagged a few times, but maybe it was because she swallowed too much at once, because she DID keep opening her mouth for more! :)

Then it was Odette's bath time and bed time.  She fell asleep pretty fast.
When I came out of Odette's room, I found Alegria quietly coloring in her room:

When it was Alegria's turn for a bath, she had a fun time playing in the tub, as always...and even brought the little pink tub into the big tub and sat in it...I can remember when we first used to bathe her in that! My, she has GROWN!!!

Then she did quite the job putting lotion on...! Hahaha! Shes's not so good at rubbing the lotion all the way into her skin for it to absorb!!!

Then we watched her "Daddy movie" and went to her room. We listened to Daddy's songs on my phone and then I sang to her and then she kind of played around some more while I dozed a little between bouts of telling her to be quiet and go to sleep.

At about 11, Odette woke up, so I left Alegria's room (she was still awake), and nursed Odette. When I came back out and checked on Alegria around 11:35, she was fast asleep! :)

Now I'm done with the blog entry for today, so I'm going to go workout and then go to sleep.

Sweet Dreams to all!

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