Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Busy Sunday...

Today we went to Killeen 3rd ward, which meets at 11. I originally thought that would be the perfect time to be able to get to church on time...but somehow it didn't work out that way and we were about 7 minutes late. Oh well! We got there just in time for sacrament to be passed. Odette had a messy diaper at about that I just waited until after and then left with her and Alegria to go change her diaper. Then at one point during the rest of sacrament, Alegria got upset because Odette was playing with a toy that she wanted and she started crying I threatened to flick her mouth...and she settled down. Thank goodness!

We had our presidency meeting after sacrament once I'd dropped Alegria off at nursery, but Odette got hungry and I had to leave towards the end to go nurse her. I thought for sure she'd nap...but she only slept while I nursed her. As soon as she was done eating, she was up! At least she was in a good mood, though, and the rest of church she was really good.

After church ended at 2, I texted Kerri to see if Lacey and Mollie's party was still going on. It was...they were opening gifts, so I decided to head on over. It was a relatively nice day out...though not the kids were outside playing.

Alegria immediately found one of Mollie's birthday toys and claimed it as her own! She and Lee played well together...they even were blowing dandilions together at one I quickly handed Odette over to Kerri, but as soon as I got close to get a picture/video, they stopped!

Luckily I was able to get Alegria doing it again a little later!

The Gallaghers' new swing set has a see-saw...and so I helped Alegria and Lee play on it together! As I was helping them teeter-totter, I kept saying, "Up! Down! Up! Down!" Well, not long after Lee decided he didn't want to play on it anymore due to having fallen off because he let go of the handle, Alegria tried playing on it with the stuffed animal she was holding...she was even saying "Up! Down!" like I had earlier!!! So cute! And what a fast learner!

Then we got pictures of all of the kids together and surprisingly, Odette didn't cry when we sat her next to Tucker...which up to now had been the norm! Haha! By the way, we decided that the kids in playgroup are all bethrothed to each other...Alegria and Lee are a (love/hate relationship type) "couple" and Odette and Tucker are a "couple!" Lol!!!

Finally, we came home. Both girls fell asleep on the way home.

When we got home, I let the girls sleep in the car for a little bit while I unloaded everything out of the car (my church bag, the diaper bag, our coats, the mail, etc). After they'd been sleeping for about 30 minutes, I got them out of the car. Odette woke up immediately. Alegria, on the other hand, was way too tired...and fell right back asleep on the couch!!! I tried getting her to wake up, but she just would scream when I'd try to tickle her or anything! So I just let her be. Tomorrow I don't think I'll let her nap at all and try to get her on a better sleep schedule for night time and a better, shorter nap time in the afternoon for Tuesday!

Abilehi and Ryan came over (Alegria did not even wake up when they arrived!), and I showed them how to make my chicken fetuccine Alfredo. I woke Alegria up for dinner and she actually ate some of the fetuccine.

Then I took Odette's pictures for the week: 

I got a few more of her just sitting on the couch:

As she was sitting on the couch, Alegria started making her laugh...and then I got her to laugh, too!

Then it was time for bed.  Odette was asleep and in her crib by 7:30.

Then Abilehi and Ryan played Mancala while we chatted and while I played with Alegria.

At one point, I noticed that Alegria had placed all of her animals around one of her horses on the was so funny because at first it looked like they were eating the horse!!!

We all laughed at that! So I asked Alegria what was going on...and she told me that the horse was hurt! So, instead of them eating the horse, as was our first impression, I guess they were nursing it back to health!!! Hahaha! Alegria has quite the imagination!!!  :)
Anyway. At about 11, Odette started crying, so I quickly brushed Alegria's teeth (yeah...I knew she'd be up late tonight because of her late nap!), we said goodbye to Abilehi and Ryan, and then I put her to bed, telling her I'd come back and see her once I was done nursing Odette (thinking she'd be asleep by the time I returned).

I nursed Odette and 30 minutes later, I came back to Alegria's find her fully awake, sitting on her bed, playing with her animals, waiting for me. So we listened to "Daddy song," I sang "Elphy song" to her, and then I waited for her to fall asleep... I ended up dozing and she finally fell asleep, too...past midnight, probably!

Well, now that I've got the blog entry for the day done, it's off to bed for me, too!

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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