Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movie Star

When Alegria woke up this morning, I was in the middle of getting her diaper bag ready. She found her sunglasses in the stuff I was rearranging and decided she wanted to wear them. She's our little movie star! :)

After breakfast, I got Alegria ready to go and we went over to Little Josh's house. The little ones played while Andrea finished getting ready.

Alegria realized she could climb into Little Josh's toy box!

Alegria: "Here's my phone! It's been here the whole time...and I've missed about a thousand calls! How am I ever going to have time to return all of those calls?!?"

We finally left and went to the Killeen Mall. The kids did pretty well, though Alegria got a little fussy towards the end. It wasn't that she didn't want to be at the mall, per se...it's that she didn't want to be in her stroller! I let her walk around at one store, but she kept taking everything off the shelves and bringing every stuffed animal in the store to me! She just loves to touch everything, so I have to be careful about what stores I let her out at and then I have to make sure I put everything back before we leave.

Andrea invited us over for lunch after our shopping spree and I'm glad we accepted her invitation. She made a very delicious salad for herself and me and she prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. However, neither child really ate much. I think they have a hard time focusing on eating when they're around each other...too many things to do, too much fun to be had!

Needless to say, Alegria was plumb tuckered out by the time we got home! Two hours later, she still wasn't up, but we needed to leave to head to Post, so I opened her door to see if whatever noise I made would wake her up:

I even used the flash on my camera to see if the light from it would wake her:

Finally I turned off her white noise and monitor and that woke her up. And I literally just got her out of bed, put her coat on, and we left.

We got to Daddy's office building right before 5. He hopped in and we were off to the food court to grab a bite to eat.

On the way there, retreat sounded all over Fort Hood and all vehicles stopped and all military personnel got out and stood at attention:

When we got to the food court, it was pretty empty. We didn't have to wait long at all at Charleys to order our subs...thank goodness!

Well, since I knew Alegria would be hungry after waking up because she hadn't eaten much lunch, I had packed some cheese and bologna for her to eat on the way to Post. Sure enough, she ate it with much gusto! That meant, though, that while Daddy and I were having dinner, instead of sharing my sub with me like she usually does, she preferred to play on the benches. And this time, she mastered climbing to the top of one!

Done with dinner in the short amount of time we (thought we) had, we headed over to Fox Troop headquarters. We were there earlier than anticipated, so we got to go see Daddy's office and met his new sergeants. I also got a picture of the Fox Troop mascot and motto:

The meeting went well. We decided on a venue for the adult Christmas party and discussed the family Christmas party and other fundraising events going on.

Finally, we came home and relaxed and played for a while.

If you've never met Alegria, once you do, you'll understand why there are so many pictures of her being kissed...her cheeks are just the most kissable ever!!! I could kiss them forever and ever and ever!!! It's too bad that after a short while (depending on her mood, too, I guess) she gets tired of all the kisses and wants you to stop!

Alegria and Daddy stop playing to listen to what O'Reilly has to say:

Once Alegria was in bed, Cameron and I chilled and watched some episodes of "The Office." While doing so, Cameron fitted the cover back on his helmet:

Wow...what a day! Alegria and I were hardly home today, except for when she took her nap...and being out of the house is exhausting!

So...it's off to bed!!!

Good night!

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