Monday, February 28, 2011

Piggy Tails!!!

Today is Monday...and therefore Story Time day!!!  YAY!!! 

As always, we had a great time!  And afterwards, since we had nowhere pressing to go, we stayed and chatted with Abilehi...well, I chatted...Alegria played with the Cat in the Hat!  Since it's Dr. Seuss's birthday on Wednesday, Dr. Seuss was today's theme!  There was even a raffle and whoever won, got to take home a tall hat like the Cat in the Hat wears!  I was upset that Abilehi didn't rig the raffle for Alegria to win...  :(  Just kidding!  I did tease her about it, but I wasn't serious!  :) 

Anyway.  Here's Alegria playing with the stuffed toy...about to bathe it with baby wipes!!!

Playing hide and seek underneath the craft table...peek-a-boo!  I see you!!!
I put pig tails in both of the girls' hair today...yes, even Odette got to sport some piggies!!!  Cute!!!  :)

I wish I had been faster with the camera to catch this picture of both of the girls together better...Alegria's smile is so sweet in this picture!!!

Not so sweet...  :oP

Odette complained a little when I put the pig tails in her hair this morning.  I must admit...there wasn't that much hair to work with, so I pulled it a little too hard at times!  Oops!  :)

While we were at the library, Cameron called!  As always, we loved chatting with Daddy!

Once home, the girls took a nap.

When the girls woke up, we played on Alegria's bed for a little while:

At dinner time, I decided to give Odette a taste of egg yolks.  She actually seemed to like them after her initial reaction!

The egg yolks were a lot messier than I had anticipated!  It's a good thing it was bath night!

Odette's pig tails created little hair horns when I took them out!  Haha!

As I was getting Odette lotioned up and ready for bed, Alegria came in...dressed in a bathing suit!  She must be wanting warm summer weather already...and I don't blame her!!! 
Banging on her toy drum:

Now that the girls are finally both in bed and I've fed the dog, cleaned the fish bowl and fed the fish and worked out, it's now my turn to turn in...

Good night!

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