Thursday, September 3, 2009

Austin or Bust!

At breakfast, I thought Alegria looked so cute munching on her graham crackers and drinking her milk, I just HAD to get a "few" pictures. (Plus, the sunlight was shining in such a way that I loved the glow of it on Alegria's cute little round head!) If you get bored of all of these snapshots that are probably just a tiny bit different from each other, sorry, but I just adore every little expression she makes and I can't help but snap, snap, snap! :)

After breakfast, we played out in the front yard. Alegria explored the grassy area between our yard and the neighbor's yard, and when I called her back to me, I got this picture! It's so cute, you'd think she's running through a grassy field!

While we were outside, Alegria kept touching the car, and though I knew it was dirty, I didn't realize it was THIS dirty! Take a look at her right arm!

I'd say it's about time for a wash, wouldn't you? (Both Alegria's arm, AND the car!)

I had a Primary Presidency meeting today and while we were in our meeting, the kids were playing. Alegria really liked this baby doll and I wish I had gotten a picture of her cuddling it! It was so cute! Why didn't I think of getting her a doll for her birthday?! She doesn't own a doll, but I guess we'll have to remedy that!

Finally, in the early evening, Alegria and I drove Abilehi to Austin for Abilehi to catch a flight to Arizona for a friend's wedding. On the way there, Abilehi entertained Alegria, but on the way back, Alegria got bored being in the back all by herself (it's a 1.5 hour drive). So...she started screaming. I tried singing to her and talking to her and handing snacks over to her, but it wasn't helping much. I was afraid she would cry all the way home, but luckily after about 15 minutes, she fell asleep and didn't wake up again until we were almost home. I felt bad for her, though, because now that she's in a big girl car seat that sits upright, her poor little neck was crooked in a painful-looking way as she slept! I'm going to have to get her a neck pillow for occasions such as this one. I tried positioning Big Bear so that her neck wasn't so leaned over. I think it helped a little. Here she is waking up from her nap:

When we got home, Daddy was already there, so we all went outside and played with Isis...well, Alegria played more with Isis's toys, as usual. :)

I was very proud of Alegria today. She did a great job on the drive to Austin and back. :)

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