Friday, September 11, 2009

Nay Sayer

This morning, my friend Andrea had to go to UPS to send off her computer to get repaired, so she asked if I could come over and watch Little Josh. So Alegria, Abilehi and I went to Little Josh's and played. :)

Alegria finds the cords for the blinds intriguing. :)

Can you see Alegria's little belly in the picture below? It's so cute! :)

Our little climber:

Little Man:

When Andrea returned home, we left and went to get a few things at Wal-Mart. I remembered to buy a neck pillow for the baby, which was a good thing, because Alegria fell asleep on the way home:

Unfortunately, it didn't work like it's "supposed" to (according to the picture on the package):

Maybe her neck is too skinny or too little still to keep her head supported properly...

When Alegria woke up from her nap, we noticed Isis playing with a bone that we'd given her last night:

In the afternoon, Abilehi's friend, Ricky, came to help her replace her headlights on her car. It turns out that instead of doing it for her, he actually taught her how to do it:

We went out to see how it was going and Alegria got a little bored (she pulls her hairbows out when she's bored or frustrated and then I have to put them back in):

Then Daddy came home and we hung out with him and Isis in the back for a little while. Daddy's new scope for his M4 had arrived this afternoon, so he was checking it out:

Back in the front to check out Abilehi's progress:

Alegria kept wanting to play in the driveway, so once the rain eased up, we let her run amuck...and run she a crazy woman, blabbing away some nonesense or other!

Back to the backyard because we got bored:

That's mud on her bottom...she fell on her bum a few times:

Peeping Alegria:

Now, Alegria's not talking yet, but in this video, it sounds like she's saying "no!" What do you think? Accidental? Or do you think she understands the meaning and is using it correctly?

Once Alegria was in bed for the night, Cameron attached the scope:

It was a beautiful day today, rain and all!

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