Thursday, September 24, 2009

BIO & Day Care

Today was a unique experience. Fort Hood had organized a conference for all military spouses called BIO (Beauty Inside and Out). We got to hear two motivational speakers, Geno Stampora, a reknowned hair stylist:

Jean Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell salon products:

They both gave wonderful and inspiring talks. :) Also, we all military spouses who were there got free salon products. Yay! :)

The other reason why today was a unique experience is because today Alegria experienced her first "daycare" type experience. Although my friend, Andrea Hawkins had offered to watch her while I went to this conference, I decided that as a military "brat," Alegria should be exposed to these type of functions anyway. I am very proud of her!

When we first arrived to sign her in, Alegria was a little timid. She played by my feet with the toys I had brought for her in her diaper bag while I filled out the paperwork. Then I put a sticker on her back with her name, age and my cell phone number and let a sitter clean her hands with antibacterial gel. I was surprised that Alegria did not shy away at having a strange lady touch her hands. It wasn't til after that, that Alegria got a little upset...but not for long. I gave her a hug and then she spotted a big blue rubber ball not far away, went to go get it, and then when I tried to kiss her goodbye, she turned her head so quickly to go play that I ended up kissing the back of her head! I kind of wondered about her as I was in the conference, but I never received a phone call, so I decided that no news is good news.

The conference finished WAY about 12:45 instead of 2:30, so I went to go get Alegria, happy that she wasn't going to be missing her naptime by more than an hour after all. Well, when I arrived at the care area, Alegria was in the back holding her blanket and Big Bear, just staring wide-eyed at the other children who were all sleeping around her. She seemed fine, though, until she saw me. Then she started crying until I picked her up. I went to go get her diaper bag and when I got to it, a sitter there told me "You have such a good baby! She played the whole time and didn't cry at all!" I asked if she had napped and the lady said that no, she hadn't. That didn't surprise me, though. Alegria can't sleep when there's new stuff all around her!

She CAN sleep when she's exhausted and there are no distractions, though...and sleep she did on our way home:

Alegria and her back "daycare" sticker:

Alegria found the remote:

Alegria: "FINALLY! I get to watch what I want!"

Alegria: "I have the power!!!"

Pretty sky!

Pretty day. :)

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