Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shadow Puppet Theater

As we were hanging out in the backyard with Isis, we saw a beautiful butterfly!

During Alegria's morning snack, I happened to look out the back door window to find Isis playing with the broom that Daddy had accidentally left outside. As I was later watching the video I made of Isis tearing the broom to shreds, it was ironic to hear the words to the Baby Signing Time video Alegria and I had been watching before snack time in the background saying, "These are the pets I love, these are the pets I, dog, dog, dog, ruff, ruff ruff, ruff, ruff!" I'm SO not loving the dog chewing up our broom right now!

Alegria chillin':

So...I usually strap Alegria into her high chair, but today during her afternoon snack time, I didn't. Well...she decided she likes trying to get out of her chair...and she's sneaky about it! First she acts all nonchalant:

Then she tricks you to get you to look the other way!

Alegria: "Look Mommy! Daddy's about to blow up the house, you'd better go stop him!"

And THAT'S when she makes her move...when your back's turned!

Cameron's narration at the beginning of this video is funny!

No more leaving Alegria unstrapped!

Alegria loves looking out the tall windows of the office...she loves to people-watch and look at the neighbor kids who play in the small street right in front of it or at the cars that drive by. She also loves to play with Daddy's football, and here she decided to multitask and do both things at once!

The following shadows of her had me laughing! In some she reminds me of Yoda with his big pointy ears, in some of them she reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock and his profile that they would show at the beginning of his others...well, you imagine what you will!

At dinner, Alegria found it amusing to blow bubbles in her milk:

Once done with dinner, Daddy played with Alegria while I folded laundry. After I'm done folding the laundry, I usually let Alegria play with the basket. Daddy made the experience much more fun!

We are a VERY happy family!!! :)

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