Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Under WHERE?!

When Cameron and I were dating, he bought me a cute stuffed rabbit named Marilyn. Since our moving down to Texas, I hadn't taken the time to get her cleaned up from all of the dust she had accumulated. Alegria has gotten a glimpse of her every now and then and every time she has, she has wanted to play with her, so I finally got her cleaned up last night and then placed her on a dining room chair for Alegria to find:

So...just three days ago, Alegria surprised us by drinking out of a "regular" glass. Not a sippy cup, just a small glass made out of glass and without handles. Well, today she surprised us further by using just one hand to drink out of it!

Later on, I was folding some more laundry...and Alegria decided to "help." How did she help? Well...I think the video and pictures speak for themselves!

Alegria makes us laugh!!!

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