Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Enough to Choose

This morning, Alegria and I went over to Little Josh's house to play. Here's Little Josh, curious about me and my camera:

As Josh is mesmerized by the contraption in my hand, Alegria runs her hands through his curls. I wonder if she's jealous that he has more hair than she does...!

After a few hours of play time, Alegria and I came home so she could take a nap. Ever since Alegria came home from the hospital with us after her birth, I could only get her to sleep on her stomach, hence, the reason why we bought an Angel Monitor that could sense movement...for our peace of mind. Well, today I looked in on her while she was napping and discovered that she has decided that she is capable of sleeping on her back, too. I guess she's old enough to choose how she wants to sleep. :)

Our new night stand came in today. When we first bought our bedroom set, we decided not to buy an extra night stand because we didn't think it would fit. However, after living without one for a little while, we've decided to rearrange our bedroom so that it fits. We've found out it's so much nicer for each of us to have our own night stand. So here Cameron is getting it set up...and of course, Alegria wants in on the action:

After dinner, Cameron took Alegria with him to do doggie doodie pick-up duty:

Then we played. Isis chewed a hold in our canvas chair some time within the last couple of days and Alegria found it interesting to put her hand through it:

Another fulfilling day at the Marlow household!

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  1. It looks like you are having fun in hot Texas!! Alegria is so cute and I am glad she is learning how to play with others!!!


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