Monday, September 28, 2009

To the Library with Daddy

Cameron had the day off today, so we got to do lots of things together as a family!

In the morning, we went to see Cyrus:

Alegria really enjoyed riding and patted Cyrus as they went:

In the riding corral, they have various objects with which to train young horses, one of them being a mailbox for them to stop at. Alegria checked the mail and there was a "letter!" Getting mail is fun!

We stopped by our house for Cameron to get cleaned up and then we all headed to the library for Story Time. Alegria is excited to show Daddy "her library!"

Alegria made a puppet cow today as a craft before Story Time began:

We had a fun time and then Alegria wanted to show Daddy the Children's Room at the library, one of her favorite places to go!

On our way home, a tired Alegria took her hairbow off:


Pretty sunset clouds:

Back home, Alegria was having fun with Daddy's phone. We've been trying to teach her to say "hello" on the phone, more than anything so that when Cameron's away, he'll be able to hear her voice. Every time we've tried previously to have her "talk" on the phone, all she ever does is stare at it and try to move away from it. Now, though, she's starting to warm up to the idea of "talking" on the phone and hopefully soon one day when I put the phone to her ear and Cameron's on the other line, she'll actually say "hello." :)

And that was our day! It's always fun when Daddy's home!!!

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