Saturday, September 26, 2009

3rd ACR Organizational Day

Today we attended a mandatory Family Fun Day for Cameron's unit, the 3rd ACR (Armor Cavalry Regiment). There was a looooong line of people walking from the parking areas to the picnic areas, which were divided into troops.

Cameron's in Fox Troop. At the Fox Troop tent, they had the mascot, Gainey, proudly displayed. Alegria became acquainted with Gainey:

The day had started off cool, but it quickly became warm. We were right near Belton Lake, so Cameron, Alegria and I took a stroll on the beach to cool off. Alegria had never experienced sand before, so she had fun exploring the new texture!

Once Alegria started to try to eat the sand, Daddy had to let her know it was not okay to do that.

She did not like being reprimanded and made her "so sad" face to try to win over our sympathy.

Sneakily, she continued to try to bring the sand to her mouth...

And when she did, Daddy was there to stop her:

And then took Alegria out of the water, much to her dismay:

Back at the picnic area after changing Alegria's diaper and clothes:

After having some of my hamburger patty and some fruit and juice for lunch, Alegria actually fell asleep for about an hour:

When Alegria woke up, we still had to wait a while longer to go home. Can you tell it's hot?

Daddy (and everyone else) gets the go-ahead to head home:

A very tired Alegria in her car seat:

Trying to get a close-up of her newly sprouting teeth:

While I was at the Women's General Meeting dinner and conference, Alegria got to hang out with Daddy. Apparently, she was saying "hello" on Daddy's phone!

It sure was a full day today!

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