Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daredevil Cowgirl

This morning we went to play at Little Josh's. He got a wooden rocking horse for his birthday...and Alegria decided it was hers to enjoy!

I thought she was done playing on the rocking horse...

Lo and behold, she was not! She was prepping to step up on it!

What a daredevil! She reminds me of those rodeo cowgirls that ride standing on the saddle of their horse!

Once recovered from her little fall (which was not bad at all, just so you know), Little Miss Rodeo got right back up on that horse, just like her Daddy's taught her to! :)

Alegria: "Oh, how I love to feel the wind rush through my hair when I'm out riding in the Central Texas Plains!"

Alegria: "Marilyn, hold on tight! I like to ride fast!"

Cameron called to ask if Alegria and I could pick up a few pizzas and bring them to him and his men on Post since they were going to be out washing their tanks for a while longer and couldn't leave for lunch. So Alegria and I obliged (Alegria fell asleep on the way and stayed asleep while we were there for a while). I was very happy that I was able to bring the guys some lunch. They work so hard and shouldn't have to suffer eating MREs!

Once home, I was afraid Alegria would not be able to nap since she'd slept in the car, but she had no problem going right back to sleep when I laid her in her crib! She didn't even wake up when I took the picture (with the flash on!)!

After her nap, Alegria was extremely energized...enough so that she got the bright idea to climb onto her walker! How, I don't know!!! I was washing the dishes after her afternoon snack, having left her playing with the music player on her walker, and when I turned back around, there she was!!! She really took the daredevil challenge today or something!

It was bound to happen...she got stuck...and couldn't decide whether she needed help or not:

Was that the end of it though? I THOUGHT so! But luckily, it didn't and I was able to find out how in the world Alegria climbed into her walker all by herself!

For a snack today, I decided to give Alegria some sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding. Boy, did she love that stuff!!! She was actually eating it with a spoon at first, but she wasn't getting enough in her mouth with the spoon, apparently, because after a while, she left the spoon on the table and commenced to eat the pudding with her hand! What a mess!!!

We saw this rainbow from our backyard...pretty! :)

Photo shoot, anyone?

Alegria was still not too keen on posing:

Before Cameron put Alegria to bed, I took a picture of the crib with Grandma Marlow's bumper pads and quilt. Cameron's mom began making this crib set for Alegria way back before Alegria was even born, but because up until now Alegria had been sleeping in a pack-n-play, we hadn't been able to use the set until today! Isn't it pretty? :) Thank you again, Grandma Marlow!!!

What an adventure-filled day!!! Now we're ALL ready for bed and the rest that comes with sleep!

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