Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Friend Jace

Even though Alegria has become an expert at climbing into her walker, she sometimes gets in turned the wrong way...here is the result:

Anyway. :)

On another note, from today until the end of October, I'll be watching Jace, Kim's little boy. Kim's sister usually watches him, but she's due to have a baby in the next few days, so in order for her to get accustomed to being a mother without the added stress of watching a demanding 1-year-old at the same time, I'm taking over.

Jace is not a TOTAL stranger, he was at Alegria's birthday party on August 15th. He was the little boy whose diaper exploded when swimming in the kiddie pool, for those of you who read that entry. Well, today he came over and I was surprised at how well he took to us. :) He is a very happy and mellow kid. :) He and Alegria played all morning long until Jace went down for a nap. It was all fun!

Once Jace was in bed, Alegria had her lunch. Here she is with cream cheese all over her face! I don't know what it is, but Alegria has something against bread. I've tried wheat and enriched white and she doesn't like either...she always scrapes off whatever is on the bread! So now she just eats cheese all by itself...American cheese or cream cheese, it doesn't matter! No grilled cheese sandwiches for her because she won't eat them. Oh well. Maybe some day...

After lunch and a nap, Alegria and I met up with Andrea and Josh to get our flu shots taken. Both Alegria and Josh cried when they got pricked with the needle, but as soon as it was over, so were the waterworks. What brave kids! :)

On our way back from getting our shots, I stopped by City Hall to pick up some biodegradable lawn bags. Since City Hall is RIGHT next to the library, I decided that Alegria and I would go and say hi to Abilehi at work and just chill in the Children's Area before heading home. :)

WOW! Librarians are so nice! Look at how they give kisses! :)

Unfortunately, Alegria doesn't yet know the meaning of being quiet, so some days when she's particularly vocal, we can't stay too long. But it's always fun while it lasts! :)

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