Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silly Headbanger

When I came out to feed Isis this morning, this is what greeted me on top of the footlocker we store her food in:

As I opened the footlocker to get her food, there was another one identical to this one just chillin' on the side. Had they been black and ugly, I would have been beside myself and not calmly taking a picture with my phone. :oP

Later on, after Alegria and I had come back from my Primary presidency meeting, she proceeded to play with her walker...but not in the way it's supposed to be played with. Funny that she gets a kick out of her walker long after she knows how to walk already and that since she never really used it, we've been thinking of putting it in storage for quite some time now!

Caught redhanded...reading a book. :) My little nerdy headbanger!

And then of course, my silly little headbanger decides that her shells and cheese are best eaten one at a time, with the shell atop the tip of her little finger!

(Sorry about the poor picture and video quality, these were all taken on my phone since Cameron had my camera today.)

And that was Tuesday. :)

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