Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fur Real?

It was a little chilly this morning and I wasn't sure where any of Alegria's little hoodie jackets were, and since Alegria had been playing with her little fur jacket the other day, I decided to try it on her. She LOVED wearing it... FIRST!

It got hot pretty quick in her little fur jacket and the poor baby was uncomfortable!

Alegria: "Now wait a minute...I didn't know you were going to turn on the heater! If you don't get this off of me right now...I'm gonna scream!"

Once Alegria was out of the jacket and walking, she was a much happier baby!

Awww! What a tender moment...Daddy and Daughter walking into Church! :)

On the way home, Alegria fell asleep and I tried a different tactic for having her wear the neck pillow:

That's a little better!

Playing with Isis after Alegria's nap:

Sundays are fun family days!

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