Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Josh's Birthday Party

The first thing on the to-do list today was to install new curtain rods for our windows. When we first moved in, Cameron went and bought some VERY basic curtain rods so we could install curtains for privacy and now that we have more time (and were reimbursed from the Army for the travel Cameron did), we bought some nicer, sturdier curtain rods. As always, Alegria is not far behind her Daddy, wanting to do what he does, be where he is:

Crazy table climbing baby!

Crazy table dancing baby!

Daddy feeding Alegria her lunch:

We went to the Hawkins' for dinner to celebrate Little Josh's first birthday. Here Alegria is eyeing the presents...I think she thinks they're for her!

I decorated this mini-cake for Little Josh:

Alegria playing with Little Josh's old toys:

First taste ever of chocolate chip cookies (she LOVED it!):

Alegria playing with Josh's new books:

No, Alegria, all of these new toys and books are not for you, they're for Little Josh. You already had your birthday it's his turn!

Alegria: "Now, why didn't I get any cool noisy truck toys for MY birthday?"


We had a fun day!!!

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