Saturday, September 19, 2009


We finally bought Alegria a crib. Well, she also needed a few other of them being her very own pillow! I found a memory foam toddler pillow that is supposedly specially designed for small children in mind...not only to help transition them to regular sized pillows later on, but also in regards to safety. Since we're still waiting on the mattress to be delivered, I decided that it was for the best...we can introduce her to one new thing at a time so that it's not too new all at once and therefore possibly throwing her good sleep off-balance. I shouldn't have worried so much. Alegria fell in LOVE with her pillow the moment I gave it to her and began testing it out right away!

One can't ever say that a one-year old doesn't understand...because Alegria sure KNEW that when I said the pillow was hers, it was HERS and no one else's! Even her beloved Daddy doesn't have the right to her pillow!!!

Alegria: "If you take my pillow one more time, Daddy, I'm going to have to backhand you!"

Alegria: "Mine is MINE and don't you forget it!"

Alegria: "That'll teach him to take my stuff!"

Cameron had to take a couple of hours today to drive through the terrain that they'll be driving through on Monday. Here are a few pictures of it:

Once Daddy got back, we all went to the backyard to play. While we were out there, Cameron watered our little trees. Well, Alegria decided that the trees weren't the only ones that were thirsty:

Later on, Alegria allowed me to take a few pictures of her before she was bored with it. However, it was not enough time to allow me to play with my camera effectively... I had to resort to Big Bear again:

Just a few more shots, please...?

If only she would stay still and pose for me!!! Oh well. I'll have to try again some other time. Also, I think I'm going to check out some books from the library to learn what I can do to better my skills.

Once Alegria was in bed, I took out my camera manual and literally read through all of it. I learned about a few new (to me) features, one of them being a feature that takes a ton of still pictures over a very extended period of time and then puts them together into a very fast composite of them (with no sound. obviously). It's a feature that photographers use to film the opening of a flower over time, for example, or the movement of clouds. Here's a video I took of Cameron moving his hand very slowly, but with this feature, it made his hand move very fast! (Apparently, it's such a fast clip that YouTube can't even buffer fast enough to watch the whole thing!)

That's all for tonight! Good night!

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