Friday, September 25, 2009

Horsing Around

Alegria asked if she could use my Gazelle after me for her workout:

Alegria: "Josh is coming over today and I want to make sure I'm fit and fabulous!"

Playing in Abilehi's room with a beanie baby white tiger:

Tub-diving for squeaky toys:

Lovin' Pink Bear!

A good read:

Little Josh wanted my camera:

Alegria playing hide-n-seek:

Alegria's reading nook...behind the rocking chair!

Piggy toes!!!

Little Josh:

Alegria: "MY football!"

Josh finally gets a turn with the football:

Alegria laughing all to herself!

Later on, Alegria and I went back with Abilehi to check out an apartment she found. As Abilehi and I discuss the pros and cons of this place, Alegria finds nuts and puts them in the door of my car:

What a cute little bridge! Alegria's checking to see if the terrible troll is underneath the bridge or if it's safe for the Billy Goats Gruff to pass over it:

When Daddy got home, we all went to go see Cyrus at his new boarding place, which happens to be literally one minute from our house!

Alegria loves Cyrus...but on HER terms! She can get near him, but he can't come near her. It's funny to see her reaction to him. We need to have her interact more with him so she gets used to him. :)

Geese are annoying.

It was a fun day today!

By the way, FELIZ CUMPLEAƇOS, PAPI!!! We love you very much!!! :)

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