Monday, September 14, 2009

Pro Duster!

Alegria sees me dust all the time, and today as I was emptying the garbage underneath the kitchen sink, Alegria grabbed the duster and proceeded to dust! Soon I'll be able to just kick back and have HER do all of the housework!!! ;)

Children really DO learn everything they see their parents do! She may not really be cleaning her ears, but she sure got the idea!

Alegria attempts to put her hoodie on herself:

Beautiful baby!

Alegria inspects the fence and gate for bowing of the wood and other imperfections:

Alegria: "It'll cost you extra for me to repair this panel myself."

Alegria: "Do you see how it's warped right here?"

Alegria: "Yup...just a little nip here and a tuck there and it should be good as new."

Alegria: "Now your bald spots in your lawn...that's a whole nother story...but I can fix that, too!"

Preparing to take over the dog's stuff:

Alegria: "I need a drink!"

Alegria: "Look Mommy! There was water here this whole time! I didn't have to drink out of the water hose after all!"

Alegria has got QUITE the personality! :)

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