Friday, September 4, 2009

Poolside Princess

Since Daddy had the day off today for Labor Day weekend, we decided to head to Post and check out his office. We took the truck so that we could take Isis with us. Alegria really enjoyed sitting so high up in the truck and in the front seat (our truck does not have an extended cab) and watching all of the other cars whiz by! At stop lights, she would read her book. :)

It was getting close to her naptime by the time we were on our way home and again, I felt bad about her little neck as she slept in her forward-facing car seat. I really need to get that neck pillow!

When Alegria woke up from her nap, Daddy already had her kiddie pool set up in the back yard. We had a fun time cooling off from the scorching Texas summer heat!

Would Alegria like water running down her face?

Maybe not!

Aren't Alegria's Nemo swimming diapers so cute (thank you, Little Josh, for gifting them to her!)?

Here she's pointing to some birds that are sitting on the power lines behind our house. She LOVES birds!

Gotta love baby rolls!!! :)

After getting all dried up, I folded laundry...and Alegria played in the laundry basket. :)

For dinner, Daddy barbequed. YUM! :)

Alegria's head is SO round! I LOVE it!!! I can just kiss it all day!!!

Alegria: "Try and get it, Isis!"

When we came back in, Alegria decided she wanted to think INSIDE the box:

Alegria: "There's room for one more!"

Alegria playing with the massage table wires:

Yes...we own a massage table (courtesy of my former employer in Boston, Marsoft, who gave it to us as a wedding gift)! I'm going to give Cameron a massage tonight once I'm done blogging. He works so hard and deserves it!

Good night!!! :)

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