Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out for a Stroll

One of our morning rituals is to go into Abilehi's bedroom while Abilehi is getting ready for work and try to make the biggest mess possible. :oP No, just kidding! But we DO go visit with Abilehi while she gets ready for work. Abilehi happens to have a stuffed kitten on her bed, and every morning, without fail, Alegria confiscates it. Today, she brought it back to her room and played with it at her play gym:

After Abilehi left for work, Alegria and I spent some time outside enjoying the cool shade at the front of our house.

Alegria: "What does this do?"

Then Alegria decided she wanted to go for a stroll:

Back home, Alegria wanted a drink. I don't blame her, it gets hot pretty fast here!

What a relaxing day!

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