Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Dog's Tale

Yesterday when we got home from Fort Hood, Isis jumped out of the truck bed a few houses down from our house. She hit the street hard, but kept going...unhurt, at least physically. Today when we took her with us to see Cyrus, she looked so forlorn back there...but I'm sure she learned her lesson. No more puppies, jumping from the (truck) bed!

When we got to the Four Jacks Ranch, we saw three deer right at the gate!

Once inside, Cameron headed off to work with one of the young horses he's been asked to break (train). While we watched him, we noticed a young calf in a pen all by itself. I wonder if it was sick or had been bitten by a snake or something to be off on its was frothing at the mouth, too. Poor thing! It's so cute, too!

So that Alegria could walk around (she's getting too heavy for me to carry her all the time!), I left Isis in the pen with Cameron so that Isis wouldn't jump on Alegria. I thought Isis would prefer hanging out with Cameron anyway. However, since Cameron was busy and couldn't pay attention to her, Isis wanted to come with Alegria and me. Can you believe she eventually jumped out of the pen through this gap in the gate?! I was sure she wouldn't be able to! (Shows how much I know about animals when they're determined!)

Isis just can't resist jumping up on Alegria and licking her all over the place, so I placed Alegria on the truck bed from time to time while we waited for Cameron to get done.

Helping empty the dishwasher...

Alegria: "Where does the salad bowl go, Mommy?"

Cheesy girl!

We had a full, but restful and fun day!

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