Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Thursday!

Alegria and Lee have a love/hate relationship.  They either love each other, or hate each other!  As usual, we had a little of both today...the pushing, the wanting each other's toys...and then during the moments that we DIDN'T have to pull them away from each other, we got pictures of them being the best of buddies, hugging and laughing and playing together!  (Can you believe Lee is 7 months younger than Alegria?!  He's her size!)

You wouldn't really notice that Odette is around...not really.  As opposed to when we're home and she talks up a storm, at playgroup, Odette tends to be quiet...

...that is, until I try to get pictures of her and Tucker together!  Tucker was fascinated by Odette's hairband and was grabbing at it...

...Odette was NOT amused...

...not one bit!

I tried again, this time not so close together and Odette was a little better.  I think she's just shy...

They WERE holding hands for a tiny bit, though!  Here, they'd already let go...

We were at playgroup until a little before 3 and then left.  On the way home, both girls fell asleep, and as is beginning to be our after-playgroup ritual, as soon as we got home and I parked the car, we all three dozed in the car...until 4:40 when Alegria woke up and started calling for me!

At that point, Odette and I woke up and we all went inside, where we had dinner and relaxed from the full day we'd had already...and refreshed ourselves for the long night ahead!

I was debating whether to go to the monthly Relief Society would be so much easier to just stay home and get the girls to bed at their normal bedtime.  But I reminded myself that the reason I let the girls sleep so late and didn't wake them up earlier from our improvised napping in the car was so that they would be awake and alert later at night just so that we could go to the church activity.

So at 6:45 I started getting everyone bundled up to go.

I was so glad we went to the activity!  At first, Alegria didn't want to go into the nursery with the other children, but eventually she did and I was free to go to the activity with Odette. 

The mini-classes were great!  The sisters who gave the classes talked about organizing our homes and mealtimes better!  There were a lot of things that they mentioned that I've already done in the past and having gone to the activity and listening to them reiterate what I already knew, plus giving me some new ideas and insights, it gave me a new resolve to pick up where I'd left off on those goals from before and implement them again into my life! 

Sister Grover talked about FlyLady and gave us tips that FlyLady uses to declutter her home and life.  I can attest to a few of the things she mentioned!  One thing she said was how having a clean kitchen sink really makes us happy and puts the daily tasks of life into perspective.  I totally agree!  I had done this on my own already, not having ever heard about FlyLady before tonight.  I had already realized that when my kitchen sink is clean, I feel like I have accomplished so much...and that having it clean makes me want to keep the rest of the kitchen clean...and that having my kitchen clean just snowballs into having the rest of my house clean! 

Another thing she mentioned was that getting dressed in the morning from head to foot, even with shoes on, hair done...the whole nine yards, it makes a difference in our attitude.  I totally agree!  I always try to get myself and the girls dressed as soon as I can in the morning and it really makes a difference in the day!  And even though Cameron is deployed, I still put my makeup on because I love it and I always want to look my best and feel my best!  Granted, there's been the day here or there where I haven't accomplished this simple task of getting ready in the morning, and I can really feel the difference on those days!  When I'm all dressed, I get so much more accomplished!

Then Sister Moser and Sister Lundell both talked about meal times and meal plans and grocery shopping.  It was all great!  One tip that Sister Moser gave was using a spreadsheet for a grocery list.  I have an Excel spreadsheet that I used to fill out before going grocery shopping...back in the days before kids!  It's all fancy with formulas that I can input the amount of an item I need to buy and with the price already in the spreadsheet, I know what my spending would be during a grocery trip!  I need to start using that again!

When Sister Lundell was talking about meals with the family, I asked how I could get a picky eater to eat the foods that I want her to and she and a lot of other sisters gave me great tips!  One tip was that if she didn't want to eat her dinner, if she wants something else later on, tell her that she can finish her dinner first and then have whatever else she wants.  Another tip was that if they don't eat their dinner and later on they say they're hungry, offer vegetable after vegetable and if they're hungry enough, they'll eat their vegetables!  Let's see how these tactics work on Alegria!

Well, by the time everything was over, Odette was really tired, so I didn't stay and chat much, but went to go get Alegria so we could come home.

Now both girls are in bed.

Because it was a late night, I didn't have Alegria help me clean up before putting her to bed.  As I was cleaning up, Cameron called!  We had had a chat date today at 4 am my time, but the computer lab wasn't open, so Cameron and I only messaged each other for a little bit and then he said he'd call me later on.  Well, when he had called before playgroup, we had been talking and all of a sudden, the line got cut off and I figured he either ran out of time on his phone card or the phone lines just weren't working.  Either way, it was a pleasant surprise for him to call me back later on tonight!  So the last person I talked to tonight was Cameron.  I got to hear his voice last before now going to bed.  *happy sigh*  :)

Good night!

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