Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Another Sunday

Odette woke up at about 7 this morning.  As usual, I just let her keep "talking" while I continued to doze for a bit.  At about 7:15, though, her noises started to be more of a complaining nature, so I went to go get her and I found that she was stuck in a corner:

As soon as I bade her "good morning," she turned to the sound of my voice and was very happy to see me!  :)

What a cutie!  :)

Being that today was stake conference and that church didn't start until 10, I didn't set everything out last night like I usually do.  I figured I'd have a whole hour more than usual to get ready!  Well, I miscalculated how long it takes me to get the diaper bag ready and the girls, nursing Odette before we left included, and we were late by about 10 minutes.  Luckily, though, because of the recent split in the stake, there weren't as many cars as there would have been, and I was able to find a parking spot in the parking lot and not on the side of the road like I was afraid I would have to do!

Both girls did really well during the conference, I'm happy to say, and I was able to listen to most of it and even get a little out of it!  After conference, I have a desire to be better at my visiting teaching, to continue to live up to the covenants that I've made, and to keep doing like the PROS do...Pray (morning and night), Read (scriptures at least 5 minutes a day), Obey (the commandments), and Smile!

As soon as we got home, I gave both girls their lunches and got them both in bed...right on time to have my Facebook chat with Cameron!  I asked him whether he'd be watching the Super Bowl today, but he said that he wasn't too crazy about the teams playing and because of that, he wasn't going to get up at 2:30 in the morning his time to watch!  I don't blame him!

At 3, Cameron had to go and I had to go wake Alegria up.  She was all smiles when I went to get her!  Then she and I had some just she and me time for about 30 minutes until it was time to get Odette.

We then played and colored for a while:

I gave Odette some rice cereal again and she actually ate some of it today, so I'll keep feeding it to her this week again and see how that goes.  I had tried bananas at lunch time, but she still didn't like them.  I wonder if a different brand would taste better to her.  I know that with Alegria, I would buy the Gerber brand baby jarred food and she liked it, but this time around, I decided to try the Beech Nut brand...maybe Odette would like the Gerber brand better...?  I must admit, I tried Odette's Beech Nut bananas, but they seem to not be as sweet as I remember Alegria's Gerber bananas being...

Then I nursed her and when she was done eating, we took her 23-week pictures.  I was surprised that she didn't give me bigger smiles today, especially since she'd just eaten!  Oh well!

Alegria playing with Odette:

At 5:30, I started getting dinner ready.  While I did so, Alegria had a grand ol' time, running around the kitchen with her elephant!

Don't worry...when she fell there at the end, it was nothing serious...though she DID ask me to kiss her toes better!  Hahaha!  I don't know why kids like running around like that and getting dizzy...!

Then Alegria and I ate.  When I was done eating, I got Odette out of her swing and let her play with some measuring spoons while we kept Alegria company.  Of COURSE, Alegria wanted the measuring spoons, so when I placed Odette in her swing so that I could start cleaning up the kitchen, Alegria was immediately there, snatching them up.  So I told her to give them back to Odette, but instead, Alegria just waved them in front of her.  Luckily, Odette didn't mind and was happy to have Alegria entertain her like that:

But then Alegria decided to run around the kitchen with them...

...and Odette was left to play with the straps of her swing:

Once both girls were in bed, I decided to finally change the color scheme of Doralee's bowl so that she would be color-coordinated with February!  Plus, red is my favorite color!  :)

Ooo!  Pretty!

Now I'm here at the computer...

I'd been hoping it would be an earlier night tonight, but I forgot that I had planned on sending out an evite to the officer's wives of our squadron.  I'm hosting our coffee this month and I needed to get that sent out!  It took me forever to think of a rhyme...I wanted it to be cutesy, but I finally got it done!

Now it's off to bed!

Have a great night everyone!  Sleep well!

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