Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pretty Princesses!!!

Well...this morning didn't quite go as planned!  I had set my alarm for 6...but being that I had my phone on vibrate AND clipped to its holster on my waist...well, I didn't feel or hear the alarm go off.  For those who are thinking, "Duh!  If it was on vibrate, how could she have heard it?!," I say to you that I totally hear my alarm on vibrate...but usually I have it in my hand, clutched to my chest...I guess I thought I would still hear it and feel it at my waist, but I was wrong!


I got up at 7, when Odette was stirring.  I changed her diaper and put her in her rocker and started getting ready.  Then I had to mad-dash to get both girls ready...

Long story short, we were late...but not too late.  We got there in time to take the sacrament.  We sat next to Sister Hefner in the back and both girls did really well.  I didn't even have to leave to go to the mother's room at all during the first fact, Odette fell asleep in my arms for most of the first hour!

After sacrament, Odette woke up and Sister Hefner held her while I went to drop Alegria off at nursery.  Then I came back and we had a short meeting before heading over to primary.  Today I got to visit the nursery and chat with Sister Izu.  She's really nice!  It was nice to meet her and talk to her, although Alegria kept wanting to climb over the child gate to me!

After church, the girls were doing well in the car, so I decided to stop by the Killeen Time Warner on our way home to drop off the cable boxes.  We did and then came home.

The girls napped and I chatted with Cameron online.  Fun times!  :)

Then the girls woke up and we hung out.  Here are Odette's 24-week pictures:

Yes, we were all wearing our Valentine's colors today to church!  This cute dress Alegria's wearing is for a 24-month old.  I had failed to have her wear it when she was closer to that age and now it's a little too short.  But I decided that she's so little it doesn't matter...and she was wearing tights anyway, so her "undies" (diapers) weren't showing!  Haha!  Anyway.  So at least she got to wear it once!  By the way, in this picture, I'm sitting on the couch, holding Odette on my lap, and Alegria is pulling on Odette's tights!!!  Yes...that's what's in her hands!!!  Poor Odette gets manhandled so much by Alegria!!!

I LOVE Odette's squinty eyes in this one!!!

Sweet kisses!!!

The girls were in bed at 8 and 9 tonight...much better than last night!  And then I took a couple of pictures of me to send to Cameron, too.  :)

Now it's really late and I've got to write Cameron his daily email still before heading off to bed!

So...have a good night everyone!!!

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