Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Last night the wind was howling terribly!  And this morning, we woke up to an icy, wintry, bitter cold land!

Small icicles forming on the slide:

Ice even accumulated on the edge of the fence!  Or is that snow?  Either way...it was way too chilly today to do anything outside!!!

Too bad we HAD to go grocery shopping!  I was out of bananas, a staple in this household, so we braved the bitter cold and went to Walmart.  Thank goodness, the shopping trip was a short one...we were in and out of there in 40 minutes!
Once home, I turned on a Signing Time DVD for Alegria and went to nurse Odette so that she could take a nap.

As I was nursing Odette and about to put her in her crib, the doorbell rang!  It was a dear sister from church who lives on the next street from us.  She had gone to take pictures of the new elementary school's progress  that's right down the street from us and when she had come out of her car, it had locked itself...with the keys inside and the car still running!  She had gone walking up and down two blocks to neighbors and other church friends and no one had been home...until she got to our house!  By then she said she'd been out long enough in the bitter wind that she could hardly feel her hands or feet!  I felt so bad for her!  Even her phone had been locked in the car!!!  So she borrowed my phone to call her husband and luckily, he was able to get out of work to come and get her and unlock her still running car!  Her husband said that as he was passing her car, there was a policeman writing a ticket, but when he explained what had happened, the policeman tore the ticket up and went on his way.  Phew!!!

WOW!  What a day to have that happen to you!  I REALLY need to get a second key made for my car...we only have the one I carry on my key chain and I would HATE for something like that to happen to me...especially with two little girls!!!

Anyway.  I had gotten Alegria into bed by a little after 1, and then once the sister and her husband left at about 1:20, I quickly came to the computer for my chat date with Cameron.  At 1 (our original date time), I had quickly explained to him that I had company and that I would come back as soon as possible.

And then he and I got to chat for a good while.  Odette woke up a lot sooner that I'd anticipated, though, so I was chatting with him and entertaining her at the same time.  :)  At about 3:10, it was finally time for him to go and for Alegria to be woken up from her nap.

The rest of the day was spent playing.

A little before dinner, I decided to try giving Odette jarred bananas since last week with the real bananas, one of the bananas she had must have not been ripe enough or been too ripe and she didn't like it and gagged on it.  Well...apparently, the jarred variety is not her piece of cake, either: 

I worked out again while the girls were up.  I did my run on the Gazelle (my elliptical) with Odette strapped in to her Bjorn carrier.  Even with all of the bouncing as I ran, Odette fell asleep!!!  Well...if only she had napped longer earlier in the day, that wouldn't have happened!

Anyway.  Because Odette had slept while I ran, I didn't put her to bed until 8:30 tonight...an hour later than her usual bedtime. 

As I was in the bedroom with Odette, I heard Alegria crying out "Mom!  Mom!"  I figured she had strapped herself into Odette's car seat and was stuck.  I was in the middle of nursing Odette and it didn't sound like she was hurt, so I stayed put.

Well...when I came out of the bedroom...I came out to find Alegria with her diaper off...and it had been a messy one!  Luckily, she had been smart enough to stay in the spot she took it off at and there was no mess anywhere other than on her bottom (not even on her hands, wow!)...and the onesie she was wearing.  She'd even rolled up the diaper like she's seen me do.  I guess she knew she was in a pickle when she realized she couldn't wipe herself and that's why she'd been calling out to me because she was stuck as to what to do next!  I didn't get upset at her because I knew she meant well.  So instead I just asked her to please from now on just wait for Mommy to take any poopie diapers off of her.  I think she's subconsciously trying to tell me that she's seriously ready to be potty trained.  I guess I should step it up!!!

Once she was all cleaned up, we got her ready for bed.  Then it was clean-up time.  Here she is picking up her tea party stuff:

Alegria: "All done!"

As we watched her Daddy movie, she had her toys listening to the story, too!

Then I sang to her and she went to sleep really fast once she was in our bed.

On our way home from the store, we had stopped by the mailbox...and Aunt Lorelehi had sent Alegria a cute potty book!  I'd been looking for one to make the potty a special time for her so that she could sit and read the book while she waited on the potty to do her business, and Lorelehi found this cute book and sent it to her!  So I wrapped a pretty ribbon around it and tomorrow morning, I will present it to her and start the process again...hoping that I can be consistent and help Alegria advance to big girl underwear soon!!!

Now the night is done and I'm ready for bed.

Good night all!!!

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